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Structural and Civil Engineering Consultants since 1996 . . .

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Who You Will Be Dealing With


EMOS is based in Pretoria (or Tshwane), South Africa, is an independent Consulting Engineering practice founded by Pieter Swanepoel, a Professional Engineering Technologist.


Our consulting services are focused on the Structural and Civil Engineering disciplines. We not only operate in and around Pretoria/Johannesburg, but over the whole of Southern Africa. We would even be willing to travel abroad – distance has never been a barrier to practical, cost effective engineering solutions.


                                                Pieter has been involved in Structural and Civil Engineering since 1979, mainly in

                                                private practice where he was actively involved in most of the functions typically

                                                encountered in a consulting engineering practice. Prior to that he followed a career in

                                                Architectural practices for 8 years. A combination of his extensive experience and artistic

                                                talents equipped him with a sensitive flair for architectural features and requirements

                                                with regard to aesthetic appearance and functionality. His qualification is internationally

                                                recognised as governed by the Sydney Accord. This allowed him to work and gain

                                                experience in New Zealand during 2006. (Click here to read more about the Sydney

                                                Accord and Engineering Technologist Mobility Forum).


                                                Pieter is registered with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) and is member

                                                of both the South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE)  and Institute of

Professional Engineering Technologists (IPET). Continued professional development ensures that he stays in touch with the latest trends in his industry.





The Type Of Clients That Have Already Benefited From Our Services


Our growing client base includes home owners, architects, developers, pastors, doctors, accountants, lawyers, educational institutions, construction companies, insurance companies, mines and many more.


If you are planning to build a new home, school, office block, church, hospital or clinic, plant, industrial or commercial building or to do additions and alterations to your existing premises, with all the accompanying civil engineering services that would be required on the project, then we would love to assist you!




A Breakdown Of The Services You Could Expect


Our comprehensive services include, but are not limited to:


● Liaison with other members of the Professional Team at concept stage of the project;

● Preliminary planning and design of those elements falling within our responsibility;

● Assisting you in getting the necessary soil investigations done where required;

● Design and detail the entire system and individual elements for optimum strength,

   functionality and serviceability;

● Preparation of the final documentation such as reports, drawings, schedules or


● At random site inspections and attendance of site meetings for quality monitoring

   purposes during the construction phase;

● Ongoing assistance to you, the Client, the Professional Team and Contractor as and when


● Seeing the project through to successful completion.




The Size Of Projects You Can Safely Entrust To Us


No project within the structural or civil engineering discipline will be too large or too small – we can assist you in all of them. On those that might be slightly over our heads, we partner with our carefully chosen associates who will work under our tight supervision and guidance to ensure the same high benchmark standards we are known for and to ensure that the goods are delivered on time, within your project parameters. We will focus on the detail that requires our dedicated accountability and attention, which for us, play such an essential role in delivering practical, optimum solutions.




Projects We Have Completed To Date


Since establishment in 1996, EMOS has executed a wide range of projects all over Southern Africa with expertise to                                                              ensure compliance with relevant standards laid down by local authorities.                                                                            

                                                             Projects completed to date consist of:

                                                           ● Entire Reinforced Concrete Structures, Structural Steel and/or Load-bearing

                                                               Brick Structures of Office Blocks, Upmarket Homes and Domestic Buildings,

                                                               Churches, Schools, Industrial and Commercial Buildings with accompanying

                                                               Civil Engineering Services;

                                                           ● Small to large Additions and Alterations to various kinds of buildings;

                                                           ● Earth - and liquid Retaining Structures;

                                                           ● Foundations for Buildings, Water Tanks, Plant and Silos;

                                                           ● Structural Timber and Glazing elements;

                                                           ● Minor Civil Services such as Storm Water Drainage, Sewers, Earthworks and

                                                              Trafficable Paving;

                                                           ● Reports on Damaged Buildings, Cracked Pools or Retaining Walls.



The Way We Work


On most of the projects EMOS works in close association with Architects who, like all good architects, take pride in the uniqueness of their designs. The complexity of  these buildings often presents demanding structural design challenges but our aim is always to meet the aesthetic, functional and economic considerations.


In the case of structural projects, we are generally responsible for the entire structural system of the project, but in some cases our involvement is only required on individual elements, which could be foundations, concrete slabs, concrete or steel beams, roofs, columns or retaining walls. Various structural systems and/or construction materials appropriate to project requirements, are often utilised, i.e. concrete, steel, timber, structural glass, etc..


Optimum design is ensured by applying latest technology modelling and analysis computer software. The internet, CAD - and other programmes, required for producing documentation, are all fully utilised for getting the information where and when it is required.




Our Reputation


EMOS’ reputation is built on dedication and innovative, practical solutions that speak for themselves. Scores of satisfied Clients all over Southern Africa provide proof that EMOS is truly


committed to an improved quality of life for all.







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Pieter Swanepoel


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 Who you will be dealing with


 ● The type of Clients that have already benefited from

     our services


 ● A breakdown of the services you could expect


 ● The size of projects you can safely entrust to us


 ● Projects we have completed to date


 ● The way we work


 ● Our reputation


 ● How you can contact us

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How You Can Contact Us

Planning to build?


We Design Building Structures That Are Guaranteed To Be Safe And Reliable Yet At A Limited Fee!


If we’re not mistaken, you would prefer to appoint a Structural Consultant who’s work results in a Safe and Reliable end product and in addition to that, caters for those Architectural Features you paid for dearly!


Allow us to tell you why we believe that We can provide you with the service you require:


Since establishment in 1996, EMOS has never had any failures due to shortcomings in Structural Design. Nevertheless, we will accept full responsibility in this regard for the ENTIRE STRUCTURAL SYSTEM* of your project for a period of 10 years after completion – Yes, We Take The Risk!


We take delight in designing the backbone of complex, intricate Architectural features that others won’t touch. We join the design of your house or building with safe and reliable structural integrity. Therefore, your dreams can now be realised!


We commit ourselves to always charge you a reasonable and competitive Fee. In addition to that, we promise to do everything we can to engineer the end product to fulfil your project requirements. There need not be any uncertainty about these matters at concept stage of your project.


* Except for tiled roofs that are designed by others